Rejuvenation System

  • Reduces Wrinkles with Snap-8 Octopeptide
  • Preserves Hydration with Filmogenic Micro-Network
  • Deep Hydrating Molecules & Moisturizers

Just ask PALM BEACH PURE customers...
they know we stand by one simple belief:
All people should have access to effective age-defying products
at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

"I have been using this product for almost a year. Overall, I think my skin just looks and feels better. I like that it absorbs easily, without leaving my skin oily or sticky. Most importantly, it does the job of moisturizing my skin without irritating it in any way. I especially like using it at night, before I go to bed – my skin looks great in the morning!"

- Jessica S.

 "I have been a professional Yacht captain for 40+ years...I have had numerous skin cancers, predominately on my face and neck. I have been using your product now for about a year....After every visit to the doctor, she continues to comment on how pure my skin looks. This product really works and reduces the aging of my skin!"

- Tom J.

"I have tried so many products in the past for my super dry skin (keratosis pilaris). They left my skin greasy or had no effect whatsoever. After using this product for one week, I saw a dramatic difference. For the first time in my life, my skin felt smooth and healthy! This cream has replaced about six products from my vanity. I highly recommend it!"

- Gina B.


Gary Alexander
Chief Executive Officer

Palm Beach Pure:
"Purity & Performance with Cost Transparency"

"In human culture and society, it has always been viewed that cosmetics should been seen as a high-end luxury items left for the affluent, rich and famous, and by looking at today's cosmetics prices you would still agree. The truth is...THAT IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE."

Within the wide range of todays products some products are very effective for the skin and do make appearance changes but the majority of products do not provide an effective way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or help heal the skin through lasting hydration.  The crazy part is the price of the product does not create a direct correlation between being effective on your skin or not.

The vast majority of anti-aging or moisturizing creams cost between $8-$15 to manufacture, package and ship for a single 15-30ml bottle. Some companies will put bizarre ingredients just to claim they have some unique ingredient to push the price up however the “unique” ingredient does nothing to make any improvement to your skin.

When it comes down to it, the price you are paying is a direct correlation to the marketing costs that are associated with a given company's products.

"We feel that you should not pay more for anti-aging just because other companies spend a fortune to market their products.


Dr. Ellen Marnur, MD
(from article)

“Like most other aspects of beauty and fashion, price is subjective.

"Often it has more to do with marketing and pretty packaging than what's inside, even though advertising touts the ingredients as miracle workers."

"Manufacturers tell you that the price is high because the ingredients are exotic and precious… that push(es) the price up, and the more outlandish the more expensive.”

Perry Romanowski,
Author & Beauty Expert

(from article)

"No anti-wrinkle cream is worth $150. In fact, any product over $25 (per bottle) is a waste of money.

"Essentially, the price of cosmetics is related to the image of the brand.  Premium brands demand premium prices, because they can."

"Sometimes they will have expensive packaging, which adds to the price. But overall, the vast majority of the rest of the markup is due to marketing costs. All that advertising you see is paid for by cosmetic product markups."

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Purity and Performance with Cost Transparency

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