My friends, get ready to take your daily beauty preservation regimen to a new level!

I’m using, and loving, cutting-edge products from an amazing company called @palmbeachpure . I’ve teamed up with their age-defying experts to bring you this video, featuring both SolaMetixs Youth Preserving Skin Creme and their latest breakthrough: EyeMetixs Eye Wakening Serum.

It’s NEVER to early to start taking steps to prevent again. I’m all about results and you need the kind of edge these products deliver. Example? Marine Collagen! Way different than the animal collagens found in a lot of other products. Smaller collagen particle sized for the best absorption to the skin.
There’s much more to it… SolaMetixs actually creates an invisible micro-layer or collagen on the skin, boosts your skins water reserves with deep moisturizing molecules like serine AND reduces wrinkles by naturally relaxing the facial muscles that cause them. That’s the kind of stuff I’m into!
It also smells like peppermint, which is a win in my book! Definitely check out @palmbeachpure and their amazing products!


Take Beauty Preservation to the Next Level: Kristin Crabtree

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