The Advanced Hydration Science Behind Palm Beach Pure

PALM BEACH PURE is… Advanced Hydration Technology

Our advanced hydration technology is the result of a global search for exotic ingredient systems.  We leverage the latest breakthrough discoveries in skin and aging science and blend them with natural anti-aging ingredients that have been proven for centuries.

PBP product formulations take the burden off the body’s natural healing mechanisms, creating an environment in which they can thrive!

The team behind Palm Beach Pure products like Solametixs and Eyemetixs features seasoned skin care professionals, including one of the world’s top geneticists and medical researchers, Dr. Yin-Xiong Li. Their work shows that the right way to preserve beauty is not in an injection or any one magic ingredient.

Deep Hydration & Regeneration System

Why you need it:  Hydration is important because it ensures health, therefore beauty, of the skin.  The difference between smooth, glowing skin and a dull, even painful, complexion is maintaining and reinforcing proper hydration or water supply of the skin at the surface and regenerating that water supply in the the skin’s deeper layers.  

All of this happens at the molecular level.   The collagen that the body produces helps, but is not enough to defy the look of aging that comes with the skin’s inevitable loss of hydration.   

For many years, various kinds of animal collagens have been used in products that create a film on the top layers of the skin to counteract this process, with limited effect.  Of course, collagen alone does not address the skin’s need for deep hydration.


How PBP delivers:  To solve this problem of water loss from top layers of the skin and the need to regenerate hydration in deeper layers, we formulated our products to go beyond the collagen products of the past.

We use a combination of marine collagen and alginate capable of forming a powerful filmogenic micro-network to the skin surface.  

We complete our hydration system with serine, which acts as a depth moisturizing molecule and assists the reconstitution of the skin’s water reserves.  

Studies show that his methodology can increase hydration levels by 28%!



Muscle Control with Natural Peptides

Why you need it:  As the skin ages, it loses the ability either to produce or utilize some of its natural peptides. Enzymes that are designed to break down skin structures, to make way for new structures, continue to work against collagen and elastin. However, the skin cannot replace these supportive structures with new ones, so the skin begins to droop and sag from its original position. Also, as part of the aging process, the skin becomes less able to hold on to its natural moisture. To compound this, it also produces less moisture. When cells are not adequately hydrated, they are sunken, which further worsens the look of already sagging skin.  Muscles responsible for the facial expression are contracted when they receive neurotransmitters released at the neuromuscular synapsis. An overstimulation of the facial muscles, due to an excess of these chemical signals, leads to a greater skin strain.  That is why, after the age of 30, first wrinkles start to appear as a consequence of such muscle contractions.  You need to reduces the depth of wrinkles on the face caused by the contraction of muscles of facial expression, especially in the forehead and around the eyes.


How PBP delivers:  Palm Beach Pure’s Chief Science Advisor and world-renowned geneticist chose a special form of natural octapeptide for our formulation.  This multi-peptide inhibits the contractions that cause wrinkles, without injections of neurotoxins, by capturing and blocking the neurotransmitters that tell these muscles to contract.

As the muscles receive fewer and fewer of those neurotransmitters, they begin to relax, and therefore, the wrinkles that they cause, also start to relax.  The body responds to it as if it was in the skin naturally, which means that using our products will not irritate sensitive skin because the body does not try to rid itself of the peptides we use.

Studies utilizing skin topography analysis have shown this octapeptide to have reduction values of wrinkle depth as high as 63%!

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